Levin College of Law

Bloomberg, Lexis, and Westlaw Usage Policies

The University of Florida Levin, Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center pays for law student accounts on LexisNexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law.  Accounts are not available to anyone who does not attend or work for the College of Law, thus you may not share your password with anyone.  Specific policies, as decided by the companies, for each database are listed below:

Bloomberg Law:

  • Students may use Bloomberg Law for academic and non-academic work, including summer positions.  No additional registration is required.
  • Students receive access to Bloomberg Law for 6 months after they graduate.
  • Full Terms of Service.


  • Students may use LexisNexis for academic work only, with the exception of the ASPIRE program.
  • If you are working for a non-profit doing public interest work for the summer or post-graduation, you may qualify to register for restricted access via the ASPIRE program.
  • LexisNexis provides free printing to UF Law students in the Legal Information Center and Bruton-Geer.
  • Full Terms of Service.


  • Students may use Westlaw for academic work only, with NO exceptions.
  • For the 2012-2013 academic year, Westlaw will provide free printing to students in the Legal Information Center and Bruton-Geer.  At the end of the academic year, free printing will cease to be offered.
  • Full Terms of Service.

Summer and Post-Graduation Academic Access

  • If you are:
    • Taking summer classes
    • Working for a UF Law professor
    • Working at an UNPAID internship/externship
    • Working on a law journal or moot court

You may register for full summer access. See below for specific details on each database.


  • You may also register for full summer academic access if you are:
    • Studying for the bar
    • Working on a law school grant/scholarship
    • Working to improve your research skills (as long as you are not using that work product for your job)
    • If you are working for a non-profit doing public interest work for the summer or post-graduation, you may register for restricted access through September 1, 2012 via the ASPIRE program. Some restrictions apply, see the ASPIRE website.
    • To register for LexisNexis.com summer academic access:
      • Complete the form located on the LexisNexis homepage.
        • Find the form by:
          • Clicking “Learn to Research” tab.
          • Then “Summer Access” picture.
          • Scroll down to “Register for Summer Access to Lexis.com.”
          • Lexis Advance will automatically be available as long as you are already registered for Advance. No registration needed.


  • You may register for limited (5 hours each month for June, July & August) summer access if you are studying for the bar.
  • To register for summer academic access:
    • Log in to the Westlaw Law School page.
    • o   Click on “Need Your Westlaw Password This Summer?” in the lower right screen.
    • Follow the prompts.