Staff Directory

The library staff will direct patrons to legal resources, but only Florida Bar members are authorized to practice law. You may contact the Florida Bar or use the Law Firm directory from Martindale for information on practicing attorneys in your area.


claire germain

Claire M. Germain

Associate Dean for Legal Information and Clarence J. TeSelle Professor of Law
Comparative Law, French Law
(352) 273-0703


Elizabeth Outler

Associate Director and Head of Public Services
Tax Law, Estate Planning
(352) 273-0725

Ramona Blunt

Ramona Blunt

Program Assistant
(352) 273-0701

Public Services

Reference (Research Assistance)

Dalton Shamika

Shamika Dalton

Reference Librarian
Environmental Law
(352) 273-0702

Avery Le

Avery Le

Reference Librarian
(352) 273-0712

Taryn Marks

Taryn Marks

Reference Librarian

Morgan Patricia

Patricia L. Morgan

Head of Access Services and Outreach
(352) 273-0710


Loren Turner

Reference Librarian
Foreign, Comparative, and International Law
(352) 273-0711

Vallandingham Christopher

Christopher Vallandingham

Head of Collections
Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, Intelligence Law, Military Law
(352) 273-0708

Venie Todd

Todd Venie

Head of Research and Instruction
(352) 273-0704


Elizabeth Cousins

Elizabeth Cousins

Circulation Assistant
(352) 273-0720

Elliott Kuecker

Elliott Kuecker

Stacks Manager
(352) 273-0707

Malley Elisa

Elisa O’Malley

Circulation Assistant
(352) 273-0728

Perry Ron

Ron Perry

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
(352) 273-0728

Technical Services

Potter Susy

Susy Potter

Head Cataloger
(352) 273-0716


Joe Kaleita

Digital Assistant
(352) 273-0706

Lampp Melba

Melba Lampp

Senior Library Assistant
(352) 273-0713

Prasad Deepa

Deepa Prasad

Cataloging Assistant
(352) 273-0717

Sturzenbecker Theresa

Theresa Sturzenbecker

Acquisitions Coordinator
(352) 273-0718

Williams Janet

Janet Williams

Documents and Bindery Coordinator
(352) 273-0709


Williams Pam

Pamela Williams

Librarian Emeritus

Price Kathy

Kathleen Price

Professor Emeritus

Donnelly Rick

Rick Donnelly

Librarian Emeritus